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The List of Passengers Leaving Liverpool September 15th.

Below are the names of the immigrants who sailed from Liverpool on the 15th [Sept. 15, 1888], per the steamer Wisconsin. They are in charge of William G. Phillips, our ex-city marshal.


Salt Lake—Antonie Witosch; Frantz Lietz; Fried., Katharine and Frida Almendinger; Johan Reichman; Verna Meierhofer; Rosa Siegenthaler; Friedrich Schnidler; Rosa Buri; Emma Boss; Friedrich Richat; Wilhelmina, Helena and Richard Viertel; Mary Banman.

For Logan—Katharine Emie; Elizabeth Kohler.

For Montpelier—Nicolaus, Anna B., Fritz, Johan, Sina and Rosa Egli.


Salt Lake—William, Elizabeth, Josiah, Jane, Ruth, Anna, Arthur, Ada, Theresa, George, Bertha, John, Mirian and Robert Howard; Benjamin Booth; Alice, Annie and John Fairclough; John H., Marg., Harold and John Jarvis; Elizabeth, Hugh, May, Violet and Isabella Fletcher; Caroline and Florence Hill; Hannah Hemingway; Mary A. and Arthur Baker; Mary and Sarah Meredith; Thyrza Miles; J. B. and Emily Walkley; Henry, Albert and Florence Chrisholme; James Aitken; Henry, Isabella and Jane Kilpatrick; A. J., Elizabeth, Eliza, Agnes, Martha and Mary A. White; Alfred, Elizabeth, Alfred and Lily Lockett.

For Logan—Alfred J. Stone; John Bint.

For Montpelier—Elizabeth and George Silletoe.

For Ogden — James Etherington; Sarah E. Ashley; Griffith, Susannah, Sarah, May, Peter C. and James Williams; Betsy Fish; Emma and Jane Oldfield.

For Pleasant Valley—John Morgan; Thomas Williams; Christina, John and Christina Patterson.

For Manti—John Reed.

For Nephi—Rebecca, James, Elizabeth and Thomas Thomas; Elizabeth Yexall; Fanny Bailey.

For Woods Cross—Ellen Tomlinson.

For Provo—Mary and Thomas Massey; Emma Lightwood.

For Spanish Fork — Edward, Eliza, Julia, Edith, Edward, Harry and Lucy Smith; Elizabeth Wheat; Jemina, Percey and Lizzie Husham; Evan Evans.

For Brigham City—George Corrford; Joel and Mary Arkwell; John P. and Martha Eldredge.

For Evanston—Mary Davis.

For Coalville—Sarah and Helen Lowe.


For Ogden — Jacobus C. Schainek; Herminia, Johanna, Elsobina, Maria and Geradns Van Leeuwen; John C. Crezer.

A private dispatch was received in this city Wednesday evening [Sept. 26, 1888], reading as follows:

"The Wisconsin company, in charge of Elder Phillips, sailed for Norfolk, and via Union Pacific to-day. Twenty of the company are detained as ineligible to land."

In answer to an inquiry from here in regard to the cause of detention, Mr. P. W. Gibson, Guion & Co's agent, sent the following, which was received on the 27th [Sept. 27, 1888]:

"The detention is arbitrary. The commissioners claim the party is likely to become a public charge. They refuse bonds. I have sent the facts to Mr. Caine, at Washington."

Source: Salt Lake daily herald (Salt Lake City, Utah). Vol. 19, no. 101 (Sept. 29, 1888), p. 11, The coming immigrants.

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