Newspapers, etc. - Ogden (Utah) - 19171215


"A jury of women will be summoned to try the case of the state against Mrs. Eliza Bremer, charged with bootlegging. The women can claim their exemptions when they get into the trial court room, but if they do not serve they will not receive pay for the time lost."

That was the definite statement of County Attorney Charles Farr this morning [Dec. 15, 1917] relative to the question as to whether a woman jury can legally serve in this state. The county attorney declared that women are specifically mentioned as exempt from jury service under the Utah statutes, but to be exempt they must claim their exemptions.

"It is in the eternal fitness of things that a person charged with crime should be tried by her peers," continued the young prosecutor. "That being the case, it is equally right and proper and fair and just that a woman charged with violating the liquor laws should be tried by a jury of women. The constable, Tom Cunningham, has been instructed to summon a venire composed exclusively of women. He will serve them early Monday morning [Dec. 17, 1917]."

Mrs. Bremer's case is docketed for trial in municipal court Monday morning [Dec. 17, 1917]. She is charged with having sold a drink of whiskey to Mike Sullivan, a former boarder at her home.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 42nd year, no. 297 (Dec. 15, 1917), p. 18, Women to be called as a jury in the Bremer case.

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