Newspapers, etc. - Ogden (Utah) - 19171211


Attorney C. M. Marriott will undertake to prove a "frame-up" in his defense of Mrs. Eliza Bremer, arraigned before Judge George S. Baker in municipal court this morning [Dec. 11, 1917] on the charge of selling intoxicating liquors. Her case was set for Dec. 17 [1917].

According ot [sic] Attorney Marriott, the defense will prove that Mike Sullivan, who caused the complaint to issue, fostered the prosecution because he was denied further board and lodging at the Bremen [sic] home. The defense also will undertake to show, the attorney stated, that Sullivan was considerably in arrears for board and that his prospects for payment were not sufficiently encouraging to permit Mrs. Bremer to take further chances with him.

It is alleged in the complaint that the defendant woman sold a drink of whiskey to Sullivan Nov. 29 [1917], the day following his dismissal as a boarder.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 42nd year, no. 293 (Dec. 11, 1917), p. 7, Will undertake to prove frame-up.

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