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Mysterious thefts of tires, rims and other parts of automobiles weer [sic] solved yesterday afternoon [Apr. 18, 1917], when Detective J. L. Hobson arrested Frederick W. Bremer, a railroad fireman residing at 1955 Grant avenue. The fireman was charged with grand larceny and two other men, Andrew Hewitt and Charles Pierce, were arrested by Detectives Chambers and Hobson on charges of receiving and disposing of stolen property. Several hundred dollars worth of the automobile parts named were located by the police in Bremer's home garage and it is alleged that the prisoner admitted having stolen them.

Bremer was the last of the trio to be taken into custody and his capture was effected through careful sleuthing on the part of Detective Hobson and other members of Chief Thomas E. Browning's staff, after Gomer A. Nicholas, a Twenty-fifth street grocer, had furnished the clue.

Mr. Nicholas reported having purchased an automobile tire from Andrew Hewitt. The officers immediately went on Hewitt's trail and soon had him in custody. He was cross-examined and stated that he reecived [sic] the tire from Charles Pierce. From Pierce was obtained the declaration that he received the tire from Fred Bremer. Then came the denouement.

Detective Hobson went to Bremer's home, placed him under arrest and then located a large supply of easily salable automobile parts in his garage. Among the articles were the tire, inner tube and rim stolen from Municipal Judge George S. Barker's automobile a few nights ago. Tires and robes belonging to William Stratton of Riverdale, cases of paint and oil stolen from the Ogden Paint, Oil and Glass company several months ago, several hundred feet of rubber hose and other articles believed to have been stolen were also found.

Hewitt and Pierce were arraigned this morning [Apr. 19, 1917] in police court. The former entered a plea of not guilty and the latter requested time to consider the question of pleading. He was granted until tomorrow morning [Apr. 20, 1917]. Bremer's case will probably be placed before the court tomorrow.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 47th year, no. 94 (Apr. 19, 1917), p. 12, Many thefts traced to fireman's home on Grant Avenue.

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