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George Van Leeuwen is again in the padded cell of the county pail [sic] charged with insanity. The officers were called to arrest him last evening [Dec. 29, 1911] because of his peculiar actions and threats of violence against his family.

It was only two days ago [Dec. 28, 1911] that Leeuwen pleaded with the officers to release him, claiming that he was not insane and that he desired to get to work to make a living for his family. Dr. Calder of the State Mental hospital was conferred with by Judge Howell. The doctor stated that Van Leeuwen was not insane and that he would not receive him back in the hospital. So the man was ordered released. That night, however, Van Leeuwen created a disturbance at his home, but his wife did not care to have him taken into custody, thinking he would do better the next day. But, yesterday [Dec. 29, 1911] he renewed his threatening attitude and the officers were called. When the officers reached the home, Van Leeuwen had complete and undisputed possession, the wife and other members of the family having fled for their lives.

Mrs. Van Leeuwen stated that her husband took possession of the place by locking himself in the house and protesting against any one entering. He threatened that he would do bodily harm to any member of the family who should venture to intrude on his home. He protested vigorously against the arrest, but offered no determined resistance. This morning [Dec. 30, 1911] he was in a crying mood and stoutly claims that he is not being properly treated.

Judge Howell has communicated with Dr. Calder of the Mental Hospital, asking to have him recede from his position of not accepting Van Leeuwen back in the hospital, and it is expected that the doctor will do so. If Calder does not, however, the court will enforce an order of commitment and the doctor will be held in contempt if he fails to obey it. The court and the officers here are fully convinced that the man should not be permitted to run at large and they do not care to longer indulge in hunting him up every few days to place him in jail.

Van Leeuwen was first committed to the Mental Hospital about a year ago, since which time he has been released under bond twice and he has made his escape from the institution.

Van Leeuwen is a good carpenter and, while at the Mental Hospital, he was made a trusty and given an opportunity to do carpenter work about the institution.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 313 (Dec. 30, 1911), p. 7, Must go to the mental hospital.

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