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George Van Leeuwen, arrested last evening [Dec. 27, 1911] for insanity, this morning protests against his incarceration and particularly does he contend that he should not be returned to the state mental hospital. He states that he is not insane and that it is an injustice to place him under arrest.

"I will take my tools and work with any carpenter in the city and I will be willing for the contractors to determine whether I am insane," he said as he peered through the grating of the padded cell, "and if they say I am not capable of doing my work and doing it right, then I will go to the asylum and never ask again to he released."

"To return me to the state mental hospital is unfair and I cannot see why it should be done. Those instrumental in getting me behind the bars so frequently are beside themselves, perhaps, and they are surely not actuated by proper motives. I came from the hospital three weeks ago, since which time I have been working hard to provide for my wife and family. The present trouble arose over the sale of my horse and wagon which I use in hauling my tools and extra pieces of lumber used in my carpenter work. My wife sold the outfit for $108 and I complained about it. The matter was settled, however, and I let it drop. It seems though, that the people at home and in the neighborhood became frightened and had me arrested and placed back in this cell, and, I suppose, they will return me to the asylum. I think they should give me another examination before sending me back."

Sheriff Harrison says that it is true that there was some trouble over the sale of a horse and wagon, but Van Leeuwen threatened members of the family with personal violence. Mrs. Leeuwen is under bond for his good behavior and she feels that she should not remain under the constant strain that he may do some harm to the children or others with whom he comes in contact. She desires the officers to assume the responsibility.

During the forenoon Judge Howell communicated with Superintendent Calder of the state mental hospital regarding Van Leeuwen's mental condition and was advised that he is not a fit subject for the hospital and that he would not be received in the institution at this time. The superintendent stated that Van Leeuwen is subject to epilepsy and that at times, when he is not under that affliction, he is sane and not in any way dangerous.

Receiving this information from the mental hospital, Judge Howell ordered Van Leeuwen released and permitted to return to his family. This was done during the noon hour and Mr. Van Leeuwen immediately returned home.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 311 (Dec. 28, 1911), p. 6, Is not sent to mental hospital.

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