Newspapers, etc. - Ogden (Utah) - 19111207


Since his commitment to the state mental hospital March 30, of this year [1911], George H. Van Leeuwen, has shown such improvement, that a movement has been started by his wife, Mrs. Meeka Van Leeuwen, to obtain his release from that institution. District Judge Howell after the matter was brought to his attention yesterday [Dec. 6, 1911], recommended that Van Leeuwen be released from the hospital, provided his wife signs a bond to accept the responsibility and care of her husband when he is brought back to his home. The bond is fixed at $200. Van Leeuwen strayed from the asylum several days ago and came to Ogden where he was found and returned to Provo yesterday [Dec. 6, 1911]. His mental condition has so greatly improved that his wife believes he will cause no trouble if his discharge is ordered.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 292 (Dec. 7, 1911), p. 5, Seeks release from asylum.

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