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F. J. Bremer, father of Charlotte Bremer, the fifteen-year-old girl who accompanied C. H. White to Salt Lake, stated this morning [Sept. 4, 1911] that he had no knowledge that his daughter was keeping company with White and that he would not have permitted her seeing the man had he known of their meetings.

Bremer was vehement in his denunciation of White and said that he would not for a moment consider the marriage of his daughter. When he learned that White had been given his liberty under a bond of $10, he said that the police had taken such action without his knowledge and that it was his desire that the man should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He vowed that White had lied when he stated that the room had been secured in Salt Lake City merely for the purpose of permitting the girl to change dresses and claims that the girl admits that the man had asked the landlady for a room for "himself and wife."

While the father does not believe that White took any criminal liberties with his daughter, he believes that it was the man's intentions to do so and that he should be prosecuted for abduction.

The police say that White could not be convicted of abduction or of any serious offense and that for this reason no felony charge was placed against him.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 211 (Sept. 4, 1911), p. 8, Father of girl is vexed.

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