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C. H. White, arrested in Salt Lake City Thursday [Aug. 31, 1911] as the abductor of 15-year-old Charlotte Bremer of Stewart Lane, has partly vind[i]cated himself for his supposed criminal action, and no serious charge may be brought against him. The girl's parents have signified their intention not to prosecute White.

When interviewed in his cell at the city prison this morning [Sept. 2, 1911], White said that he had been keeping company with the Bremer girl for several weeks and that the parents of the girl had never made any objections. White said, "I have been selling maps and I had to go to Salt Lake City to see about a new supply. Charlotte wanted to go along, more for the ride than anything else, and I told her she could go, if her parents did not object. She met me at the Bamberger depot and I purchased two round-trip tickets. I had no intentions of staying in Salt Lake over night. When we were walking about the city, Charlotte insisted that I buy her a new dress. She said she wanted a longer dress, so that she would look older. We went into a store and I paid for a dress. After we had the dress, she wanted to put it on, so I said she would have to get a room somewhere. We went to a rooming house and asked the woman if we could get a room. Charlotte went into the room to change dresses, and I waited on the outside. I had no intention of entering the room.

"I have always treated the girl in the most respectful manner and have considered the difference in our ages as a bar to my making any advances that might in any way be construed as objectionable by her parents. I have considered marrying the girl, but I understand that I could do this only with the consent of her parents, and I expect to take the matter up with them as soon as this affair is settled.

White has been making his home in this city for the past three months and says he owns a farm near Five Points and another in Idaho. While the man is still held at the city prison, it is likely that the affair will be settled without any court action.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 210 (Sept. 2, 1911), p. 7, White may marry the girl.

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