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Charged with the abduction of Charlotte Bremer, a 15-year-old girl of Stewart Lane, C. H. White of this city was brought back to Ogden from Salt Lake City this afternoon [Sept. 1, 1911]. The police say that White, who is 45 years old, induced the girl to accompany him to the capital for immoral purposes.

According to the story of the Salt Lake police, White reached that city yesterday afternoon [Aug. 31, 1911] and attempted to secure a room for himself and companion at a South Second street rooming house. Because of the difference in the ages of the man and girl, the landlady suspected that they were not man and wife, as the man claimed, and refused to rent a room. She immediately reported the matter to the Salt Lake police and a short time later White and his youthful companion were placed under arrest.

When arrested, White had on his person $85.30. He declined to make any statement to the arresting officers. Miss Bremer, while but 15 years of age, is large for her years and has the appearance of being much older.

Whether White will be arraigned on an abduction charge or whether this charge will be changed to a statuatory [sic] one will be determined after the county attorney has had an interview with the girl and her parents. In the meantime White will be held at the city prison.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 209 (Sept. 1, 1911), p. 7, Young girl misled by a man.

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