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Judge Howell and Doctors Dickson and Conroy, sitting as a lunacy board, today adjudged Thomas Holmes insane and committed him to the state mental hospital. He will be taken to the hospital tomorrow [Sept. 1, 1911] in company with G. H. Van Leeuwen who will be returned to that institution.

Holmes is the half-breed Indian who created a disturbance at Five Points a few weeks ago and who later attempted to strike Deputy Sheriff DeVine with a piece of iron. He also attacked County Commissioners Madson and Skeen in the canyon a few days ago while he was with the convict gang working on the canyon road. The unfortunate fellow is subject to homicidal mania. He told the examining board today that he suffered a severe attack of chills and fever in the southern country a few years ago and that since that time he has been subject to paroxysms of insanity.

Van Leeuwen was sent to the asylum a number of months ago, but was released because of his improved condition. Since spending a short time at home, however, he has gradually lapsed into his old mental condition and yesterday [Aug. 29, 1911] had to be taken into custody again. His is a religious mania, and he thinks at times, as he puts it, that he is "the God of all Gods." He is a carpenter by trade and has a family in this city.

Holmes is a single man, 24 years of age. He contends that the world owes him a living and that he is going to have it if force is required at times to get it. It is said that when he appeared at the Five Points homes he demanded warm, well cooked meals. He stated today that Southworth, who is in the county jail charged with the murder of Ed Hanks, has exercised a great deal of influence over him and that he had convinced him that he should not entertain the idea of killing deputy sheriffs or anybody else, for that matter. He said that since talking with Southworth he had made up his mind that he would not kill anybody.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 207 (Aug. 30, 1911), p. 7, Two men are adjudged insane.

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