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Fearing that he would become violent and attack the members of his family, neighbors caused the arrest last evening [Aug. 29, 1911] of George Van Leeuwen, who resides at 3276 Wall avenue. Van Leeuwen is demented and was sent to the Provo asylum last April [1911] after being adjudged by a lunacy board. Afterward, when it appeared that he had practically recovered, he was released and returned to his home in this city.

He suffered another attack of temporary insanity a few days ago and continued to grow worse until last evening he threatened the lives of the members of his family. It is thought that Van Leeuwen's derangement of mind is due to religious study, as he talks continually of things pertaining to religion.

Source: Evening standard (Ogden, Utah). 41st year, no. 207 (Aug. 30, 1911), p. 5, Police arrest demented man.

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