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Youngsters Supposed to Have Been Prompted to Do Wrong by Men—Other Boys Suspected.

Through the arrest of Fred Bremer and Ed Stewart, two juveniles of the city, it is expected that disclosures implicating a number of other boys, and some men, in a series of thefts and burglaries will result. Bremer was formerly an inmate of the State Industrial school, and Stewart, for some time part [sic] has been under surveillance of the Juvenile court here.

The boys have both been watched by the juvenile officers because of suspicious actions. Stewart had failed to report to the Juvenile court for a number of days and the court began to wonder what had happened to the lad. An investigation brought out the fact that he had been with his friend Bremer on a trip into Cache county, and further inquiry disclosed the fact that things found missing in Ogden had been disposed of by a couple of lads answering the descriptions of these two boys in outside towns.

Things did not look exactly right to the juvenile officers and they concluded to arrest the boys. The arrest was made day before yesterday [Nov. 9, 1909]. The youngsters were brought before Judge Gunnell for a sweating. The young men were searched, and upon them were found sixshoot[e]rs, cartridges, masks, knives, watches and skeleton keys. Their homes were visited and in Bremer's trunk was found other pistols and watches. The boys had quite an arsenal on hand.

It is the opinion of the officers that other boys are associated with them and that it is likely grown men are among their accomplices. The two boys will be charged with larceny and tried before the Juvenile court.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 39th year, no. 270 (Nov. 11, 1909), p. 6, Boys found heavily armed.

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