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Fred Bramer, an employe of the transfer department of the Southern Pacific railway company, got into a fight with a Greek named Gus Vanas, at the Southern Pacific yards yesterday [Oct. 3, 1909], and after the Greek had knocked the boy down he sprang at him and started to "eat him alive."

The boy had engaged in some kind of trouble earlier in the day with another Greek and when it was time to leave work he inquired of Vanas as to the whereabouts of the other Greek. Vanas gave him a slurring reply and a few words ensued. After the men had left work the Greek waited for the boy and when he met Bramer he picked up a heavy iron bolt. Bramer, realizing his danger, jumped on Vanas and took the bolt away from him. Vanas then picked up a rock and Bramer took this away from him.

The two clinched and Bramer was thrown to the ground. Vanas jumped upon Bramer and started biting him, when Detective Shoemaker hastened to the spot. Before Shoemaker reached the scene of the fight, Vanas had taken a big chunk of flesh out of the boy's breast with his teeth.

The Greek was arrested and the boy was sent out to look for a doctor.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 39th year, no. 237 (Oct. 4, 1909), p. 7, Greek bites a boy in a fight.

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