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Mother Writes a Pathetic Letter Asking for the Parole of Her Son.

The board of trustees of the State Industrial School held their regular monthly meeting at the school last evening [Apr. 8, 1904] and transacted several routine matters. President Wright and Trustees Hume and Flygare were present. After the minutes had been read and disposed of the monthly report of the superintendent was taken up and read and various recommendations were acted upon.

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A very touching letter was read from Mrs. Bremer, the mother of Freddie Bremer, imploring the board to parole her son. The mother claims that she cannot live without her son, and that her health and life are ebbing away over worrying for her son. She also states in her letter that her baby crys all the time for the return of brother, and asks the mother to go and get him. The letter begs, implores and entreats the board to return her son to her, for which, if they do, the writer knows they will receive the blessing of God. While the letter is poorly written and contains many misspelled words, it contains the earnest entreaties of the suffering mother. It will be remembered that this case has come up before the board several times within the past two months. The last time certificates from the physician were presented to show that Mrs. Bremer had taken very sick as the result of taking her son from her. The father also alleged that he had to give up his position to care for his wife. As the matter now stands it is a very perplexing problem for the board of trustees of the Industrial school who are placed in this position of trust and are to carry out some unpleasant and disagreeable labors. The boy Bremer, who is only about thirteen [i.e., nine] years of age, is the recognized leader of a gang of about a dozen young criminals who have committed all kinds of depredations in this city and have annoyed the police. The matter as it now stands before the board is filed together with all other petitions upon the request.

The case, however, is beginning to arouse considerable interest in the city and it is reported that several petitions are going to be circulated in the matter of getting a parole for the boy and relieve the wretched woman's sufferings.

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Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 34th year, no. 86 (Apr. 9, 1904), p. [5], State Industrial Board has meeting.

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