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Recently Have Been Cause of Much Trouble to the Police Department.

Three little boys ranging in ages from nine to eleven years were up before Judge Henry H. Rolapp this morning [Feb. 11, 1904] upon the charge of incorrigibility and were committed to the reform school until they reach the age of twenty-one unless sooner discharged.

The boys were Andrew Jackson, Fred Bremer and Joseph Eastman who were accompanied in court by their fathers. At first the fathers of the young men did not want to see their boys go to the reform school, but Judge Rolapp pointed out to them and the boys as well the advantages of the boys going there where they would be off the streets, and going to school and learning a trade. The judge called the youngsters up to his chair and had a heart to heart talk with them. He told them of the many different trades they could learn there, of the education they could receive and of the military company of the school with the uniforms and guns. By the time the court finished talking to the boys they as well as their fathers were ready and willing that they should go to the school. These boys together with a dozen others are members of a gang of young toughs who have committed a number of petty crimes in and about the city. They have become very bold of late in their depredations and the police department has taken the matter up and as fast as the other boys are arrested again they will probably be sent to the reform school. In most cases where the boys have got beyond the control of their parents in being incorrigible the officers have taken charge of the cases which, if they are not stopped now, will later develop into the hardened criminal.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 34th year, no. 36 (Feb. 11, 1904), p. 5, Boys go to the reform school.

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