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Dispute Over the Ownership of a Badly Marked Chicken Ends in Bringing Two Families Into Police Court.

This morning [June 30, 1903] a neighborhood quarrel occupied the attention of Judge Howell in the Municipal court. The trouble was all over a chicken. Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Fred Bramer both claimed the feathered beauty and while Mrs. McLaughlin was away from home one day some one cut a rope with which she had the chicken staked out and when she returned home the chicken was over in the Bramer yard. She demanded the chicken back and then the trouble commenced and each alleged that the other used abusive language. As a result each one of the women swore to a complaint charging that the other had disturbed the peace. Attorney Gideon appeared for the Bramers and Judge Bagley for the McLaughlins and a large number of witnesses were examined. One of the Bramer witnesses said that Mrs. McLaughlin [sic] marked her chickens by cutting the toes off and that the disputed fowl was marked in this manner. One of the McLaughlin witnesses testified that Mrs. McLaughlin marked her chickens by cutting one wing and pulling out the tail and that the disputed chicken was so marked. It was over this remnant, described by Attorney Gideon as a "tailless wingless and toeless fowl" that the trouble occurred.

There was no formal judgment entered at the conclusion of the case. The Judge reprimanded Mrs. Bramer for using violent language and both defendants were discharged with a caution.

Source: Ogden standard (Ogden, Utah). 33rd year, no. 155 (June 30, 1903), p. 5, Fowl causes trouble.

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